Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I'm a PC, I'm a Mac.

Nice Ads are showing today at Apple's web site! The subject is always the same: the never-ending battle between PCs and Macs (by the way, isn't a Mac a Personal Computer?)

The ads are very funny, but I believe that the message sent by Apple is not fair: although the difference is about software, Apple sells it as it was about hardware.

Being an Apple fan, I don't understand why Apple needs to show this type of ads to convince people to switch from Windows to Mac OS-X. That's the point: what makes Apple different is not the just the hardware, but the Operating System!

The ads are about Mac vs PC, not about Windows vs Mac OS-X. For this issue, the same arguments (maybe with the exception of the iLife suite) applies to Linux and Solaris, which are, by the way, free!

So what? Well, I think that Apple should change its strategy in promoting Mac OS-X, which is in my opinion the main factor which might convince people to adopt Apple products. Since the hardware barrier has now been removed (i.e. Mac OS-X on Intel processors), it would be a great move if Apple will sell Mac OS-X as a standalone, possibly multi-platform, Operating System (like Linux or Solaris).

Apple hardware should be chosen not only for its capability of supporting Mac OS-X, but for its intrinsic features, including performance, design, reliability, etc. In my humble opinion, it is not fair to be forced by a great company such as Apple to buy its hardware just to benefit from the OS bundled with it, especially now that Mac OS-X is working on Intel processors.

People that like Apple computers would probably buy them independently of its installed OS. Many people would buy Apple computers if they could easily install Windows. Separating the marketing of the OS from that of the hardware would be beneficial from both the user and the company. Apple would benefit of a wider spread of its fantastic OS and attract more customers even from Windows and Linux world, while users would have more choice which is, after all, their ultimate concern!
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