Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lift Workshop @ Webster - Lift conference

Lift Workshop @ Webster - Lift conference (18th June 2010)

Human Language Technology for the Information Society

Natural Language Processing is at the core of information technology, especially now that information is pervasive, distributed and easily accessible.
In this event we will gather researchers and professionals in the field of computational linguistics to discuss around the current challenges and implications of processing natural language for the information society.
The event is made of two parts:
1. In the morning and early afternoon, the scientific workshop DART2010
2. In the late afternoon, a panel of local researchers and professional in the field of Human Language Technology. Each panelist will give a short presentation and afterward the panel will answer question from the audience.
The full event is free of charge and it will be followed by a cocktail offered by the Webstr University Geneva.
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