Tuesday, April 29, 2008

FaceBook will kick me out...


it's true... I've been warned to stop "spamming"!

Well I don't consider myself a spammer... I was just exchanging a few messages with a colleague... maybe too fast for the FaceBook standars and that's what poped up on the screen:

I don't know what to think, actually... I will tell you, later! I don't want to spam you too much!

Thursday, April 10, 2008


I uninstalled the Yahoo! toolbar from Firefox. Don't you notice something strange?

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Who reads my blog from Bomba?

Dear readers,

using Google Analytics, I spotted that somebody was reading my blog from a small town in my home region, Bomba.

I would like to know who is this person (maybe we already met few years ago), and if this person reads my blog again, I ask him/her to contact me as soon as possible.

Thank you!!


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Slowing down de web...

Thanks to Google Analytics, the web is slowing down...

When you click on a link and the web page doesn't load fast, or does not finish to load, then look at the bottom of your browser (you must activate the Status Bar) and you will find:

While very useful, this service could cause undesired slowdown in loading pages. Worse enough, if you put the script at the beginning of the page, the page won't load until Google Analytics has recorded the information.

So please, put it at the end of the page! :-)